In August 2021, Oliwia Jeznach, M.Sc., received a scholarship funded by Czesław M. Rodkiewicz Scholarship Foundation. Professor Czesław M. Rodkiewicz (1918-2010) established a foundation in 1999. Scholarships are awarded for the selected Polish doctoral students in order to facilitate their scientific work. The foundation awards scholarships to doctoral students conducting research in the field of combining technology with medical sciences. Each year, two Polish PhD students receive scholarships, and to date, the Foundation has distributed 90,000 CAD for scholarships. More information about Czesław M. Rodkiewicz Scholarship Foundation you can find here.

Oliwia Jeznach completed a master's degree in materials engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology in 2016 and currently, she continues studies in the field of materials engineering as a PhD student at the IPPT PAN. Her research is concentrated on the use of electrospun fibers in tissue engineering applications, especially, surface modification of fibers by chemical functionalization and immobilization of proteins.


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