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Piotr Denis, M.Sc.
Room 343
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About me

About me

An engineer taking advantage of one of the most interdisciplinary technical studies available - materials engineering. Trying to find a state of equilibrium between scientific and technical work, between theory and application of ideas, usually in favor of the latter, at least in mind.

Education and professional experience

Master engineering degree in Materials Engineering, Advanced Functional Materials specialization with experience in wide variety of data analysis, including X-Ray spectroscopy methods, mechanical testing, XRD, DSC, Scanning Electron Microscopy. Practical experience in electrospinning process using various polymer solutions and solvents.

Research skills and interests

Good researcher, if only the topic is interesting enough. Moreover, I am able to force myself towards doing significant portion of doubtful analysis for doubtful reasons. After that I am able to explain it in a way it will not awake any doubts. So maybe it is a skill. I am interested in shaping the knowledge, data analysis and other scientific results in a way to make it available and understandable for more people than just those being inside the topic. I really like electrospinning process, doing it, supervising it, looking at it, how simple it is in its essence, but at the same time on how many parameters it depends.

Current research and related projects

Current research floats around few topics in which the most important are bicomponent, electrospun submicro and nanofibers, degradation of polymers, crystallization of polymers, FTIR spectra deconvolution and everything which can come to mind, connected with that above. Furthermore, I am incorporated in some other investigations, including rhenium diboride films and barite concretes. Not less interesting, however relatively far from my ‘official’ line of action.

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