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Olga Urbanek-Świderska, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Room 338
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About me

About me

A motivated and enthusiastic materials engineer interested in materials design for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Focused particularly on polymers processing by electrospinning and hydrogels for application in bone/cartilage tissue regeneration, skin regeneration and recently for gynaecological application. Experienced in comprehensive analysis of physicochemical properties of materials and in vitro studies. Participant of numerous research project concerning both, basic and applied research. Strongly focused on applicability of the research and interested in its transfer to clinical use. She successively raises her professional competences in numerous courses and trainings concerning clinical trials, project management and commercialization. She is a committed scientist actively participating in the popularization of science, and is an expert in external institutions or journals. 

Education and professional experience

2021-2022 Postgraduate studies: Organization and management of clinical trials. Lazarski University

2014-2019 Doctoral degree in the discipline of materials engineering. Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences

PhD thesis: Influence of voltage polarity in the electrospinning process on selected properties and surface modification of nanofibers and cellular response

2011-2014 Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Master of Science Degree, specialization: biomaterials

M.Sc. thesis: The effect hydroxyapatite nanoparticles additionon selected properties of bioresorbable nanocomposites subjected to gamma sterilization.

2008-2011 Medical University of Warsaw, Bachelor Degree

B.S. thesis: Fabrication of ceramic crown in dental techniques laboratory 

Research skills and interests

polymers, biomaterials, cell scaffolds, drug delivery, hydrogels, electrospinning, nanofibres, medical devices regulations, management, quality management, commercialization of medical devices

Project Manager and Principal Investigator

  1. Project SONATA Grant No. UMO-2022/47/D/ST5/01395, financed by National Science Centre Hybrid materials responsive to external stimuli for local drug delivery in endometriosis treatment - analysis of selected properties and its effectiveness in vitro and in vivo conditions.  
  2. Project PRELUDIUM Grant No.2014/15/N/ST8/03757, financed by National Science Centre, Biomimetic surface modification of bicomponent nanofibers with chondroitin sulfate and its effect on properties of scaffold and cellular response.

Research projects

  1. Project Team-Tech, Foundation for Polish Science. INFECTLESS New generation of antibacterial wound dressing. (investigator)
  2. Project LIDER No. 388/L-6/2014, National Cenre of Research and Development  (investigator), Development of bioactive, hybrid scaffold for ligament regeneration ACL. (investigator)
  3. Project LIDER No. LIDER/14/0053/L-9/17/NCBR/2018, National Cenre of Research and Development  (investigator), Injectable scaffolds for tissue engineering. (investigator)
  4. Project STRATEGMED acronim: Smart Auci, NCBiR project, Modern urine draining prosthesis for patients with bladder cancer undergoing minimally invasive, contactless surgery of bladder cutout. (investigator)


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Conferences (5 conference speeches from 24):

  1. Urbanek-Świderska O., Kołbuk D., Designing of Three-Dimensional Hybrid Scaffolds for Tissue Regeneration2019 MRS FALL MEETING & EXHIBIT, 2019-12-01/12-06, Boston, USA,1659, 2019
  2. Urbanek O., Kołbuk D., Sonochemical modification of electrospun fibres with hydroxyapatite nanoparticles. ESB2018, 29TH EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON BIOMATERIALS, 9-13.09.2018r., Maastricht, Netherlands, 523-52
  3. Urbanek O., Sajkiewicz P. Biomimetically surface modified fibres for cartilage regeneration, TERMIS-EU 2017, European Chapter Meeting Of The Tissue Engineering And Regenerative Medicine International Society 2017, 26-30.06.2017 Davos, Switzerland, P666
  4. Urbanek O., Sajkiewicz P. The effect of polarity on biomimetic surface modification of PCL/chitosan nanofibers formed by electrospinning,  ELECTROSPIN 2016, 4th International Conference On Electrospinning, 28.06-1.07.2016 Otranto, Italy
  5. Urbanek O., Pierini F, Kołbuk D, Sajkiewicz P. Effect of positive and negative charge applied during electrospinning on surface chemistry and selected properties of chitosan nanofibers, COST MP1206 Workshop On Electrospinning Of Chitosan, 2-3.09.2015 Münster, Germany


Kołbuk-Konieczny D., Urbanek-Swiderska O., Przybysz S., Gloc M., A method of surface treatment and an implant manufactured by means of surface treatment. Patent No. 236812

Nakielski P., Pawłowska S., Pruchniewski M., Urbanek-Świderska O., A method for preparing an injectable biocompatible drug carrier, cells or combinations thereof, in the form of microforms, an injectable composition containing said carriers, and the use thereof, Patent Application No. 437078

Nakielski P., Pawłowska S., Pruchniewski M., Urbanek-Świderska O., A method for obtaining injectable biocompatible drug delivery vehicles, cell carriers or combinations thereof, in the form of microscaffolds, an injectable composition containing said vehicles, and its applications, Patent Application No. WO/2022/177454.


2016 Materials Sciences and Engineering Faculty, Drexel University, Philiadelphia, USA

2013 National Institute for Materials Science in Tsukuba, Japan

2013 Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Bio.Materials Group, Warsaw, Poland

2012 The Laboratory of Nanostructures for Photonics and Biomedicine, UNIPRESS, Warsaw, Poland

Scholarship and Awards

Scholarship of the Minister of Education and Science for outstanding young scientists (decision No. SMN/18/1755/2022, 29th June 2023)

Laureate of the Kosciuszko Foundation Award, 2016

Award of IPPT PAN Director for achievements in scientific work in the year 2017 and 2020


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