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Olga Cegielska, M.Sc.
Specialist/PhD Student
Room 343
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tel. (+ 48-22) 826-12-81 ext.211

About me

About me

What led me to undertake the internship and then doctoral studies in IPPT was the interest in biomaterials and the desire for scientific and professional development in material science on structures for tissue regeneration and polymer drug carriers. Earlier I spent one month on a student internship in Wadim Plast company, which is working on development and implementation of Polish impulse heart pumps with the Foundation for the Development of Cardiology. I am currently finalizing my master's thesis in surface engineering of Grade 5 titanium alloy commonly used in medicine. I am also a master of geology. I think that an interdisciplinary approach is the key to solving most scientific problems.

Education and professional experience

From 02.2016  Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, major: Materials Science and Engineering, specialization: Surface Engineering

10.2013-11.2015  Faculty of Geology, University of Warsaw, major: Geology, specialization: Geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology; master degree

10.2010-06.2013  Faculty of Geology, University of Warsaw, major: Geology; bachelor degree

Research skills and interests

Under the guidance of professor Paweł Sajkiewicz I’m currently working on electrospun core-shell nanofiber carriers for the controlled delivery of Plumbagin. The core would be a mixture of PCL with Plumbagin and the shell would be pure gelatin, subsequently crosslinked. The core-shell structure with a reduced-release shell resulting from crosslinking is essential because of the high volatility of Plumbagin, which makes it impossible to deliver the drug to altered tissues by other methods.

Under the guidance of dr Tomasz Kowalczyk I also take part in a project concerning modern urinary drainage prostheses for bladder cancer patients with removed bladder.

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