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Dorota Kołbuk-Konieczny, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Room 338
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About me

About me

Dorota Kołbuk-Konieczny is a motivated materials researcher and consultant in polymeric medical devices for orthopaedic medicine. She consciously shaped the path of her professional development, successively gaining new skills necessary to achieve scientific goals; she took served international internships, postgraduate study and numerous of courses and trainings in medical devices regulations, clinical study, commercialisation, project management ect. Professionally linked to the research of the polymers, tissue engineering- development of scaffold for orthoepy, cell-scaffold interaction. Dorota is also an expert in external commotions, journals, company, conferences boards ect. Her creative, enthusiasm and willingness to broadening knowledge are significant in scientific goals achievement.

Education and professional experience

2009–2016 Biotech-IP PL, Oxford University Innovation UK, Warsaw School of Economics PL, Investin PL, MTD PL

Extensive trainings in Regulatory Requirements/ Quality Systems/Commercialization, including:

  • Medical Device Regulatory Requirements- WSE, MTD
  • Risk management for medical devices (FMEA), WSE/Oxford University Innovation
  • Quality methods and tools in structural approach to process improvements, WSE
  • GLP in the production of active ingredients, quality systems, registration of drugs and technical products, MDT/Oxford University Innovation
  • Implementation of Good Laboratory Practice in the R&D, MDT/Oxford University Innovation
  • Scientist in business: development of innovative products, pre-clinical and clinical studies and strategies of commercialization of biotechnology products, Investin/Biotech-IP/Oxford University Innovation
  • Intellectual protection strategies, Oxford University Innovation/Biotech-IP
  • Managing research & research teams, Oxford University Innovation/WSE

2007-2012- Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Science PL

PhD thesis: Effect of electrospinning parameters on the structure and properties of the one- and bicomponent polymer nanofibers terms of tissue engineering application.

2002- 2007- Materials and Engineering Department, Warsaw University of Technology PL

MSc thesis: Epoxy nanocomposites with improved thermal resistance

International experience

Cambridge Enterprise and Oxford University Innovation UK - TOP 500 Innovators Program conducted by MNSzW, training in science management and commercialization

Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) in Sankt Gallen CH- The Scientific Exchange Programme (Sciex-NMSch) conducted by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation- Internship in scaffold development and cell-scaffold interaction

Institute of Air Handling and Refrigeration (ILK) and Dresden University of Technology  Dresden DE- Erasmus Program conducted by European Commission, Industrial internship and training in nondestructive testing methods of composite characterization

Research skills and interests

Polymer science, molecular orientation, biomaterials for tissue engineering, cells-scaffolds interactions evaluation under in-vitro study, electrospun fibres; medical devices regulations, quality management

Current research and related projects 

  • UMO-2016/23/B/ST8/03409 The use of collagen in the surface functionalization by chemical methods of nanofibers made of polycaprolactone formed in electrospinning, Opus NCN (investigator)
  • 513R /1090/1129 Method of treatment of large defects in bone tissue in oncological patients using in vivo tissue engineering (iTE), STRATEG-MED NCBiR (investigator)
  • 388/L-6/2014 Development of bioactive,  hybrid graft for regeneration of ACL ligaments, Lider NCBiR (project manager)
  • UMO-2013/09/D/ST8/04009 Effect of the degree of crystallinity of one- and bicomponent polymeric materials activity of cells under in-vitro, Sonata NCN (project manager)
  • FP7 284562 Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures (SARISTU), 7 Framework Program, EU (investigator)
  • UMO-2014/15/N/ST8/03757 Biomimetic modification of the surface of bi-component nanofibres using chondroitin sulphate and its effect on the scaffolding properties and cellular response, Preludium NCN (investigator)
  • 10.065-Sciex-N3 Investigations of the polymeric blended nanofibers for tissue engineering, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (main investigator)
  • UMO-2013/09/B/ST8/03463 Electrospinning of binary nanofibres- synthetic polymer/biopolymer using alternative, non-denaturing and non-cytotoxic solvents, OPUS NCN (postdoc)
  • UMO-2012/07/D/ST8/02588 Designing new multifunctional polymer composites with shape memory, Sonata NCN (investigator)

Other projects

SPIN-TECH-K1/KPJB1/17/13/NCBR/13 Establishment of a special purpose company “Synergy of Biomedicine and Technology” (PANWIM Technologie Sp z o o), SPIN-TECH NCBiR, 2013-2014 (investigator)

Support of cooperation between science and industry: "Support for entrepreneurship of bio-tech-med researchers through scholarships, trainings and internships", 8.2.1 POKL FRSE, 2010 -2014 (investigator in Biotech-IP)

Support for innovative academic entrepreneurship, Innovation Creator MNiSZW, 2010-2013 (investigator in Biotech-IP)

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